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CyberPower Off-Grid Systems provide both residential and commercial application the self-efficient power supply when being independent from conventional utility grid or during grid outages. From home appliance, office device, to portable equipment like vehicle and yacht, this reliable stand-alone system guarantees clean, cost-effective and consistent true sine wave output to applications in any location where connection to public power distribution is not desired or cost-sensitive.
In conjunction with the solar charger and battery pack, the Off-Grid system forms an independent and regenerative power grid with high efficiency, flexibility and durability hence ideal for indoor and outdoor application or as utility backup systems. With the featured running status LED indicator, it offers an intuitive way for users to monitor and control the machine timely for optimizing the operation in case of any unsettled condition to happen.
Series Features
High efficiency up to 93%
High surge power up to two times of nominal capacity
True sine wave output (THD < 3%)
Robust enclosure for both interior and exterior installation
Operating condition and battery status LED indicator
Temperature controlled fan to enable forced ventilation
AC transfer switch(either Utility or generator)
Technical Specification
Model: CPS400ESA CPS1500ESA CPS3000ESA
Rated Power 400W 1500W 1500W
Max. Power 460W 200 sec. / 600W 10 sec. 1725W 200 sec. / 2250W 10 sec. 3500W 200 sec. / 4500W 10 sec.
Surge power 800W > 0.5 s 3000W > 0.5 s 6000W > 0.5 s
AC Voltage Factory setting set at 230VAC, 208 / 220 / 230 / 240VAC selectable
Frequency Factory setting set at 50±0.0001Hz, 50/60Hz selectable
Waveform True sine wave (THD<3%) at Nominal input voltage
AC Regulation (Typ.) ± 3% of Nominal Output Voltage
Front Panel Indicator

Battery voltage level, output load level, saving mode, fault and
operation status

Output Protection AC Short, Overload, Over Temperature
AC Input(Generator or Grid)
Input Voltage (range) -12.5% to +20% of Nominal Voltage
Input Frequency (range) 40~70Hz
Max. Input Current 2A 7.5A 15A
Transfer Time (Typ.) 7ms inverter←→by pass 10ms inverter←→by pass 10ms inverter←→by pass
Interface N/A RJ11 -RS232 (Option) RJ11 -RS232 (Option)
Dimension(H*W*D)(mm) 57.3*257*239 96*310*287.4 96*310*470.4
Weight(kg) 2.7 6.63 12.4
Working Temperature -20 ~ +55˚C@ 100% load ; 70˚C@ 60% load -20 ~ +55˚C@ 100% load ; 70˚C@ 60% load -20 ~ +50˚C@ 100% load ; 70˚C@ 60% load
Cooling Temperature controlled fan
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