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CyberPower Grid-Tied PV Inverter is designed to convert solar electric (photovoltaic or PV) power into utility-grade electricity that can be fed into commercial grid or used by local/off-grid electrical network. The transformerless design not only demonstrates its market-leading safety performance but ensures users can be benefited from the maximum 97.8% conversion efficiency. With the built-in MPPT tracker, the algorithm creates a nearly-perfect 99.9% tracking efficiency to ensure maximum energy yields so that you won’t miss a single drop on every solar power generated!
The sealed inverter section achieves enclosure rating IP65 for protection from water and dust damages so that makes it perfect for outdoor application regardless of any strict conditions. Through the multi-language LCD display, it could provide system status update and daily cumulative information including data logger, multi meter and energy record for better user experience and monitoring management even after sunset!
Series Features
High Efficiency up to 97.8%
Maximum Power Point Tracking Technology
Transformerless Design
Natural Cooling Convection
Adjustable Reactive Power(0.8 Lag - 0.8 Lead)
Wide Operation Range
Complete LED / LCD indication for operating status
Metering and Data Logging
IP65 Compliant for Outdoor Application
Technical Specification
Model: CPSPV 2000ETL 3000ETL 3600ETL 4000ETL 5000ETL
Solar input (DC)
Maximum input voltage 550 V 900 V
Input MPPT voltage range 175 ~450 V 210 ~450 V 250 ~450 V 310 ~750 V
Input operation voltage range 100 ~550 V 250 ~900 V
Maximum input current 12.0 A 15.0 A 15.0 A 13.5 A 17.0 A
Efficiency MPP tracker (static/dynamic) 99.9% / 99.8%
Number of MPPT trackers 1
Number of string inputs 1 2
Grid output (AC)
Mains output voltage range 184Vac to 276Vac single phase (According to country setting)
Maximum output current 10.0 A 14.5 A 16.0 A 20.0 A 24.0 A
Rated output power 2000 W 3000 W 3600 W 4000 W 5000 W/4600W (Germany)
Maximum apparent output power 2200 VA 3300 VA 3600 VA 4150 VA 5150 VA/4600VA (Germany)
Output power factor 0.8 over-excited ~ 0.8 under-excited
Maximum efficiency 97.50% 97.80% 97.80% 97.60% 97.80%
European efficiency 96.80% 97.30% 97.30% 97.00% 97.20%
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