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  The CyberPower environmental sensor (ENVIROSENSOR) along with selected SNMP/HTTP cards (RMCARD) enables users to remotely monitor the temperature and humidity of a server closet and/or datacenter to ensure all engineering devices are operating under appropriate environmental conditions. Via standard web browser, users can easily monitor the ambient temperature and humidity as well as the status of four additional input dry contact devices such as smoke detector or door sensor.

Through the integration with the PowerPanel® Business Edition software, users can establish thresholds to automatically notify users during events occurred via e-mail, SMS and SNMP traps to reach comprehensive real-time monitoring.


Features & Benefits:

  • Real-time environment monitoring
  • Remote management and configuration of the sensor via Web Browsers or NMS
  • Automatic events notification via e-mail, SMS and SNMP traps
  • 4 input dry contacts application interface provided
  • Displays the name and location of the sensor and connected devices


  • Work with RMCARD 203/303
  • ePDU Systems


icon_document01 ENVIROSENSOR User Manual



Firmware Update 1.30
Firmware Update file.

MIB 1.9 beta2
Updated MIB file.

Power Device Network Utility Software 1.5
Used to search RMCARD’s IP.


PowerPanel® Business Edition software is included with the many of the CyberPower Smart App UPS products including the Online and Intelligent Rackmount LCD series.  Its advanced features and user-friendly interface complement our enterprise UPS units and allow administrators complete flexibility and management.   An overview of the software capabilities is listed below:

  • Monitor the Battery Backup status and view the Battery Backup information.
  • View the Power System information and configure Power System location.
  • Configure the Battery Backup settings and perform diagnostics.
  • Configure protected system and view the summary.
  • Configure action settings for different events.
  • View the logs and configure logging options.
  • Manage scheduled shutdown and restart settings.
  • Change the authentication username and password.
  • Connect to the system from remote computer.

The screenshots below will give you a better idea of the functionality and power of our software, and also give you a first-hand look at the various options and configurable settings.  PowerPanel® Business Edition utilizes a flexible and configurable HTTP interface that can be accessed via local machine or remote workstation.

Status Window

Configuration Window

Diagnostic Window

Information Window

Identification Window

Equipment Window

Actions - Events Window

Actions - Settings Window

Event Logs Window

Status Records Window

Log Options Window

Schedule Window

Authentication Window

Help/Content Window

Help/About Window

Logout Window


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