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  CyberPower car charger is designed with careful consideration for mobility, durability, accessibility, and ease-of-use. The car charger converts 12V power to charge your portable devices such as phones, MP3 players and tablets on the road. CPUDC1U2000 model equipped with one USB/one DC outlets allows to charge mobile devices rapidly.DC power outlet for car charger can be used with portable GPS units or other DC powered devices, attached universal power adapters also ensure the most compatibility when traveling.

The built-in Overload/Overheat Protection shields the connected device from potential damage so that ensures a peace-of-mind charging solution. Plus, Quick Charging Technology ensures both speed and stability when charging your mobile device. Within the minutes, the connected device can be effectively charged and fully operate.


Features & Benefits:

  • LED Indicator
  • USB/DC Power Outlet(s)
  • Overload & Overheat Protection
  • Quick Charging Technology
  • Universal Power Adapter(7 Adapter Tips Included)
  • Charges Smartphones, Digital Cameras and Other USB Powered Devices
Model CPUDC1U2000
Capacity (VA / Watts) 24W USB (5V / 2.1A) / USB (5V / 2.1A)
Input Voltage Range 12Vdc
Input Connection Type Cigar Plug
Output Voltage 5Vdc / 3,4.5,6,9,12Vdc
Outlet Types (1)USB + (1)SR Wire
Overload Protection Yes
Overheat Protection Yes
Dimensions (mm) 126.7 x 54 x 26.5
Weight(g) 119


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