[Case Study] France Vietnam International Hospital Uses CyberPower BU Series for IT and Medical Equipment Power Backup
CyberPower, a world-leading power solutions provider, integrated CyberPower BU600E at FV Hospital in Vietnam for power protection and backup of its IT and Medical equipment. FV Hospital, an internationally accredited healthcare facility that offers a wide range of medical and surgical services in Ho Chi Minh City, used 450 units BU600E for stable and power backup to ensure quality medical and customer care with the best technology.

Featuring with the best-in-class fireproof plastic housing, the BU series UPS provides an outstanding fire-resistance capability to minimize the possible damages of valuable assets in case of any fire incident. With CyberPower’s innovative Battery Management Technology, it significantly increases the battery efficiency. The configurable alarm allows users to switch ON/OFF the audible alarm when UPS is on battery mode to avoid any disturbance. Its generator compatibility provides an extensive application scenario during power outage. With the built-in Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) stabilizes the AC signal and maintains a safe voltage, it allows the UPS to maintain safe power levels through Boost & Single Buck function for the connected equipment without resorting to battery power.

For more information about CyberPower BU Series, please visit http://www.cyberpower-eu.com/products/ups_systems/bu/bu.htm.