[Case Study] CyberPower Integrates 156 Pieces of Power Distribution Units in UMC’s Fab 12A Phase 5 in Taiwan
CyberPower, a world-leading power solutions provider, worked with Quantasys to integrate CyberPower Power Distribution Units (PDUs) in the data center of United Microelectronics Corporation’s (UMC) Fab 12A Phase 5 (P5) in Tainan, Taiwan for stable power supply.

Leading global semiconductor foundry UMC started the expansion of its Fab 12A P5 in Southern Taiwan Science Park in May 2012. After nearly three years of construction since its groundbreaking ceremony, the P5 infrastructure is close to the completion stage. Quantasys, a total solution provider for data center physical infrastructure, switched to CyberPower’s PDU and has applied 156 pieces of PDU20SWT8FNET to ensure more stable and consistent power distribution to P5 infrastructure data center, including wiring, telephone circuit, and network server etc.

CyberPower PDU products are designed with careful consideration for durability, accessibility, ease-of-use, installation and serviceability. The power distribution unit with network Interface enables remotely monitor of power status. Remote outlet control allows for remote management and monitoring of PDU vitals through CyberPower proprietary PowerPanel® Business Edition, which is capable of aggregating all information from different power devices. Through Web, SNMP, and Telnet, the PDU can switch outlets on and off to reboot connected equipment remotely so that networks can be conveniently managed off-site, minimizing disruption.

For more information about CyberPower Power Distribution Units, please visit http://eu.cyberpowersystems.com/products/pdu.htm;