Abbas installs CyberPower UPS for Reliable Security and Alert system in Elderly Home in Czech Republic
CyberPower, a world-leading power solutions provider, worked with Abbas and Mekos Group to integrate CyberPower UPS with Allied Telesis switches in an effort to provide power back-up and reliable security and alert system for a construction project of Home for the Elderly in Radkova Lhota, Olomouc Region, Czech Republic in early 2014.

Abbas, a system integrator for network infrastructure, worked with buidling company Mekos Group to install five units of CyberPower PR3000ELCDRT2U Professional Rackmount UPS with RMCARD202 Network Management Card to integrate with nine Allied Telesis switches (6 x AT-9000/28, 3 x AT-8000GS/24POE) in the central server room of the Elderly Home. With financial support from the Olomouc Region goverment, the project aims to provide power back-up of infrastructure in the building inculding security system, CCTV cameras, NVR, and electronic fire prevention system, TV cables, and entering system, in order to ensure reliable, secure, and stable caring envirenment for the elderly.

CyberPower Professional Rackmount Series UPS features Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) to stabilize AC signal and maintain a safe voltage, allowing the UPS to keep safe and stable power levels for connected Allied Telesis Switches without resorting to battery power. Additionally, selec models in this series provides an advantage extended runtime capability, which allows the UPS to extend backup time maximize workflow flexibility. With RMCARD202 installed and the integration with PowerPanel® Business Edition Software, the remote management capabilities allow IT staffs to remotely monitor and control of their UPS systems and all connected network devices.

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