IBG Slovakia integrates CyberPower Online UPS in Košice Municipal House
CyberPower, a world-leading power solutions provider, worked with IBG Slovakia to integrate CyberPower Online UPS for data loss prevention in Košice town, the second largest city in Slovakia. The project was financially supported by the local goverment and was successfully completed in October, 2014.

IBG Slovakia, IT staff of Košice Municipal House, installed four units of OL2000ERTXL2U Online UPS in 4 server rooms in the Municipal House to integrate with their newly active CISCO switches that are connected to virtual servers and internal network infrastructure. Being the economic, cultural centre as well as an important industrial centre of eastern Slovakia, it is essential for the Košice town government to have secure power back-up to prevent data loss.

CyberPower OL2000ERTXL2U features Online Double Conversion UPS topology to provide the highest level of power protection and a guaranteed quality power supply to demanding businesses who value versatility, flexibility, manageability and performance. This series feature numerous engineering excellences including Economy mode setting, Smart Battery Management, and Generator Mode Setting. Additionally, the UPS provides an advantage extended runtime capability, which allows the UPS to extend backup time maximize workflow flexibility. With RMCARD302/303 (Network Management Card) installed and the integration with PowerPanel® Business Edition Software, the remote management capabilities allow IT staffs to remotely monitor and control of their UPS systems and all connected network.

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