Automatic Transfer Switch- Dual Input with Reliable and Redundant Power Capability

Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) equipped with dual input sources provides reliable redundant power to single-corded network devices. When selected source fails, installed ATS will automatically switch to the other source for stable and continuous output with no interruption. This will ensure the highest level of protection for equipment without any redundant power supply.

Configurable threshold for input voltage and device load allows extensive application scenarios. The front digital multifunction LCD readout provides real-time monitoring, users can easily balance load levels as well as perform local management according to displayed power status.

With the installed Remote Management Card, users are able to conduct various operations including remote management, real-time monitoring, ATS configuration, and scheduled shutdowns via Web, SNMP, and Telnet. Furthermore, the Switched Series even provides single outlet control that allows users to switch outlets on/off or reboot connected devices for maximum flexibility. The full ranges of ATS with installed RMCARD are recognized as Cisco® EnergyWise™ compliance, supporting other EnergyWise-enabled entities and can be easily monitored and controlled to achieve the best energy performance under the EnergyWise operation framework.

Series Features

  1. Dual Power Input with Auto-Detect/Switch
  2. Configurable Threshold for Input Voltage & Load
  3. LED Status Indicator
  4. Multifunction LCD Readout (replaceable design)
  5. Controllable Receptacles*
  6. Event and Data Logging **
  7. Auto Event Notification **
  8. SNMP/HTTP Remote Management Capability**
  9. Support Environment Sensor**
  10. PowerPanel® Business Edition **

     *Switched Series only
     **Optional for Metered Series with RMCARD installed

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