CyberPower and Impromat-Computer Partner to Integrate UPS for Stablized Networking Convergence Services in Czech Town

CyberPower Systems Inc., a world-leading power solutions provider, with Impromat-Computer, provider of infrastructure services , announced completion of uninterruptible power supply (UPS) integration to monitor and safeguard communication devices for centralized networking convergence services at Zlín town in Czech Republic. The new infrastructure will provide end-users access to stable and reliable Internet connections and voice services.

In an effort to enhance information and communication technologies in local government institutions, Impromat-Computer adopted CyberPower UPS Systems for protecting and controlling electrical currents to ensure the networking switches installed maintain high level of safety and stability.

Total of eighty-six (86) UPS were installed, including four (4) PR6000ELCDRTXL5U (Professional Rackmount UPS) and eighty-two (82) OR600ELCDRM1U (Office Rackmount UPS) for integration with HP switches. Both models feature Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) to stabilize AC signal and maintain a safe voltage, allowing the UPS to keep safe power levels for connected equipment without resorting to battery power. Additionally, the PR6000ELCDRTXL5U delivers Pure Sine Wave output and has an add-on advantage of Extended Runtime Capability, which allows the UPS to extend backup time to maximize workflow flexibility. With RMCARD202 (Network Management Card) installed and the integration with PowerPanel® Business Edition Software, the remote management capabilities allow users to remotely monitor and control of their UPS systems and all connected network.

The installation was started in February and has been completed in April, 2014. Now the newly-constructed network infrastructure is up and running to guarantee continuous and steady data, voice and video services to Zlín residents in Czech. CyberPower UPS series serve as a back-up to provide advanced level of power protection to servers, telecom equipment, VOIP, internet working hardware and other mission-critical applications.

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