Cyberpower Participates “eSchool Wielkopolska – Digital Children’s Encyclopedia Wielkopolska”, Poland’s Distinguished Educational Project, with Local Partners

CyberPower, the world-leading UPS provider, takes part in Poland’s renowned educational project “eSchool Wielkopolska – Digital Children’s Encyclopedia Wielkopolska” with local partners FEN Konsorcjum and Advisor Technologie Informatyczne from the education sector. With the project scope covers 226 primary schools in Wielkopolska district (the Greater Poland), CyberPower contributes 226 UPSs for the protection of server room equipment.

Established by Teachers Training Centre in Poznań and Nationwide Computer Education Foundation, the project is aiming at implementing new educational methods through IT technology and creating a “Digital Encyclopedia” – a knowledge database of Wielkopolska’s history, geography, nature and Polish language – till the mid of 2015.

Project scope includes the participation of 226 primary schools in the Wielkopolska district, 9,040 students, 452 teachers, and over 1,000 computing devices, intend to reframe the teaching methodology while promoting creativity and autonomy among the students. With the project established on the premise of “digital base”, the protection of server room and IT equipment is no doubt an essential concern. CyberPower, as an active partner, contributes 226 units of Office Rackmount Series UPS (OR1500ELCDRT1U) with Network Management Card (RMCARD202) installed, providing clean and stable power supply with the solution of remote management capability for maximum manageability.

“This project is indeed meaningful and remarkable and we are proud to be part of this. Our participation well speaks that we can not only compete with other existing brands in Polish market, but outdo others with our competitive advantages.” said Dariusz Głowacki, CyberPower Account Manager Poland. “This is our second time joining this big project in the last two years. This year, we continue working with our partners from the education sector. We are grateful for their appreciation of our products and the valued partnership. We believe this solid corporation will lead us further to mutual success!”

For more information about “eSchool Wielkopolska – Digital Children’s Encyclopedia Wielkopolska”, please visit (Note: Polish language)

For more information about CyberPower OR1500ELCDRT1U, please visit
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