CyberPower Participates AB-Tech’s Marketing Exposure Event in Lebanon
On the 15th of May 2013, AB Technologies, CyberPower’s exclusive partner in Lebanon, hosted a regional Marketing Exposure Event which over 100 participants from IT and public sectors were presented for a first hand exposure for various tech products and solutions. During this event, George Kakavos, Accounts Manager for AB Technologies and CyberPower’s EMEA Product Manager, presenting the company’s global image to Lebanese local touch while featuring key products to this special market. CyberPower has been experiencing a steady development in this market during the past year and are expecting a significant growth in the foreseeable future, all thanks to the synergy and efficient partnership with AB Technologies.

“This region is very important for CyberPower’s MEA success, and AB Technologies is a very active partner with great product and field operations knowledge. This, in combination with CyberPower’s celebrated EPS-inverter product line, a resilient new Online UPS range, and unique entry-mid level mass market power-backup products, will ensure regional dominance within a reasonable time frame”, said George Kakavos. “The event has been a success with overwhelmed participation beyond our expectation! We are all looking forward to CyberPower’s ongoing successful business development and market penetration across Lebanon and the greater Middle East. With CyberPower’s target at becoming the dominated supplier of Power Backup systems up to 10KVA across the wider Middle-East region, and a meaningful event like this will further enhance our aspiration.” he added.

Raed Dagher, AB Tech’s Executive Director, noted that this has been a key event for the company’s successful business expansion into the region! “A since long planned, crucial and apparently very successful activity, given the high number of participants. The road ahead looks optimistic”, he has been quoted as saying!

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Following are photos from the event….

George Kakavos from CyberPower speaking to the attendees Snapshot of the attendees with AB Tech Management on front row


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