CyberPower UPS products account for 50% qualified ENERGY STAR models!!
According to ENERGY STAR, ENERGY STAR certified UPS can cut energy losses by 30-55%. If all UPS sold in the US in 2012 were ENERGY STAR qualified, this could prevent greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to the emissions from more than 636,000 vehicles! As an active partner of this project for a long time, CyberPower has again demonstrated its abilities in energy efficiency and environmental sustainability by having 71 ENERGY STAR certified models out of 147 up to date. Upon approval of certification for CyberPower Online Series UPS, ALL CyberPower UPS products could be claimed as ENERGY STAR certified for US and Canada market.

For EU ENERGY STAR Program, the European Commissions will make further announcement around Q1, 2013 and CyberPower will keep careful attention on further notice to ensure the full compliance.

For more information about the released ENERGY STAR UPS Product List, please refer to the link at

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