Emergency Power Systems- No More Worst-Case Scenario

Emergency Power System (EPS) utilize the state-of-art Microcontroller technology for the supply of lighting, generator, heater, refrigerator, motor, and other apparatus to provide resources during crisis or failure of regular systems. Pure sine wave output with the adjustable AVR feature is highly flexible to supply continuous power to various types of loads under all kinds of environments. The featured manual switch allows users with different requirements to switch between Normal, Bypass, Bypass with AVR, and Off mode. The competitive design has not only make it the best choice for generators but flexible enough to be adopted as UPS for computers and other sensitive equipment. As it accommodates hot-swappable and easily plugged-in external batteries, the EPS could supply a consistent 220 output voltage in the event of a complete power loss, severe brownout or over-voltage.

For more information about the Emergency Power Systems, please refer to the link at http://www.cyberpower-eu.com/products/accessories/eps/cps600e.htm

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