CyberPower get nominated for the Green IT Best Practice Award

Along with other 27 nominees, CyberPower was nominated for the Green IT Best Practice Award 2012 with the title of “Energy-efficient IT Systems”, jointly shared by other distinguished enterprises including German Bank, Wagner Group, and XCOM.

In response to customers’ growing demand in Green IT, the Green IT Best Practice Award has been held annually since 2010 aiming at appreciating concepts and solutions contributed or exemplified for increasing energy efficiency in the industry of information communication technology (ICT). This award was established with the purpose of identifying innovative Green IT businesses with best practice potential, especially focusing on the operation of energy-efficient data centers, where there is a particularly high potential for CO2 emission, and reducing cost. Three main categories of Green IT Best Practice Award including:

  1. Energy-efficient IT systems (Green IT): Enterprises who adopt or combine known or new technologies to optimize the energy efficiency of computer systems, including centralized systems (data centers), networks and devices.
  2. Adoption of IT systems to improve business processes (Green by IT): Enterprises who adopt intelligent IT systems to improve business processes/models in order to reduce overall energy consumption throughout business operations.
  3. Visionary master plans (system and business process modeling): Enterprises who are seeking innovative ideas for sustainable and resource efficient reorganization throughout business operations.

With the solid commitment in energy-saving and environmental sustainability, CyberPower devotes continuous efforts and engineering excellence in delivering energy-efficient power protection products. Thanks to the patented GreenPower UPS™ Technology and adoption of other green practices throughout the business process, CyberPower was pleased to be nominated for the Green IT Best Practice Award 2012 with the title of “Energy-efficient IT Systems”.

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