Guaranteed Quality: CyberPower In-House Laboratory
“Reliability. Quality. Value.” has been CyberPower’s long-established discipline. As we do not easily compromise the level of excellence, CyberPower In-House Laboratory devotes continuous effort in enhancing its testing capabilities and facilities for higher standard of product verification and testing.

Our in-house testing lab has been audited by 3rd party certificate labs including UL, TUV, SGS, Intertek and CSA. The cooperation with UL has further reached to be exceptional through the acceptance of UL Client Test Data Program that all test data generated by CyberPower’s in-house lab is accepted in support of UL mark certification. Through the certified capabilities, we are able to perform in-house safety test, certificates of EMI, Energy Star and related pre-test, securing a timely development process as well as the compliance with worldwide legal standards. Thanks to the constant investment and advanced authentication capability, CyberPower has also been acknowledged as one of the active member in IECEE Manufacturer's Testing Programmes.

For more information about the 3rd party certificate labs, please refer to the reference links at:

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