Online Series UPS (1-3kVA)
The Best Quality Online Double Conversion UPS That Offers the Highest Level of Power Protection

Featuring Online Double Conversion UPS topology, CyberPower Online Series UPS (1-3kVA) provides the ultimate power protection and a quality Pure Sine Wave supplies to demanding businesses who value versatility, flexibility, manageability and performance.

The Online Topology manages the highest level of protection by providing extra layer insulation from power problems. This is achieved by continuously operating off battery power and having zero transfer time during power outages. It also stabilizes output frequency and voltage, while eliminates any line noise that may be apparent in industrial setting or when operating off generator power.

As the best choice for sensitive equipments from SOHO to enterprise applications, the Online Series UPS safeguards equipments using PFC power supplies from unexpected shutdown or harmful stress when switching from AC power to UPS battery power.

Other numerous engineering excellences include but not limited to Economy Mode Setting, Smart Battery Management and Generator Mode Setting, all to further enhance its overall performance and energy efficiency. The featured remote management capabilities, including the PowerPanel® Business Edition software and the optional SNMP/HTTP network card, provide corporate servers and critical workstations the comprehensive network power management such as unattended-shutdown, event logging, reporting, and notifications while showcasing the full abilities in input/output power voltage readings, self-diagnostics, scheduled-shutdown, and approximate battery backup time.

Except the SNMP/HTTP web management card, further selling options including Extended Runtimes through external battery packs and an advanced 3rd Year Warranty Uplift. These add-on features have not only enhanced the potentials of Online Series UPS as total power solutions but also created better opportunities for corporate SMB/SME sector. With its guaranteed continuous power supplies, you could rely on CyberPower Online Series UPS for the best value protection on Servers, NAS Devices, VOIP and active networking hardware.

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