CyberPower Launches a New Generation of Smart App UPS Model PR750ELCD with Detachable LCD Pane

CyberPower today announced the introduction of another advanced pure sine wave UPS, Professional Tower Series, with the launch of Model PR750ELCD as the first presence of this group. Showcasing with a user-friendly detachable LCD control panel, PR750ELCD ensures users with more flexibility and accessibility when control and monitor the power supply for corporate servers and networking equipment.

This unique feature allows users to remove and relocate the LCD panel up to 4.5 feet from the unit so that IT managers could easily access the UPS systems in data centers for quick and efficient power supply management, regardless of their location. Other than its flexibility, the multifunction LCD panel enables users to configure up to 11 status options, 23 set up and control settings, and total 41 configurations for self testing and event logs checking.

The PR750ELCD mini-tower UPS is Active PFC Compatible for perfectly safeguarding mission-critical servers, telecom equipment, VoIP and internet working hardware when a seamless connection and consistent power supply is essential. This model offers an optional SNMP/HTTP Remote Management Capability, enables remote management and control of the UPS through standard web browser. Together with the included PowerPanel® Business Edition management software, it could provide corporate servers and critical workstations a comprehensive network power management including unattended-shutdown, event logging, reporting, and notifications while showcasing the featured rich abilities such as input/output power voltage readings, self-diagnostics, scheduled-shutdown, and approximate battery backup time

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