CyberPower UPS is Recognized as Compatible with QNAP Products

A wide range of CyberPower UPS products have recently been proved to be compatible with QNAP NAS product s with the largest-capacity model passed the compatibility test. Through the recognition of this compatibility examination, it is assured that CyberPower UPS could benefit Network Attached Storage (NAS) users by providing reliable and quality power backup and protection.

Not only operated as file server for computer data storage, NAS is made as a specialized computer appliance containing one or multiple hard drives for faster data access, easier administration, and user-friendly configuration. These potential benefits have made NAS the advanced data storage employment hence its sustainability and always-on ability is highly-aware. With more than 60 models of UPS passed the QNAP compatibility list, CyberPower UPS could ensure a high-level of power protection ability for wide ranges of NAS systems hence users could freely enjoy massive data storage and sharing without the concerns of power outage.

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