PowerPanel® Business Edition Software v2.1 is launched for better solution


CyberPower has launched the PowerPanel® Business Edition Software (PPBE) v2.1 and this release has been regarded as major upgrade from previous version with the newly-added features in full supports of Linux systems and virtual machine OS including VMWare ESX / ESXi and Ctrix.

PowerPanel® Business Edition Software is an industry-leading power management solution designed for enterprise-class applications and employments. The upgraded PPBE v2.1 comes with not only bug fixes but major feature improvements:

  • Full supports for Linux based OS
    As precedent versions are constrained from working on Linux servers through USB connection, customers have no choices but adopt PowerPanel for Linux to manage the connection via PPBE Client with RMCard. These solutions had merely met the requirement but not yet perfect.

    Now, the launch of PPBE v2.1 has offered much more flexibilities for users! This upgraded version is fully compatible with Linux servers, which implies that every feature available for Windows OS servers could now be achieved on Linux based OS as well.

  • Well tested for Virtual Machine OS
    Considering the great eagerness from users expecting the UPS software for Virtual Machine OS, PPBE v2.1 well respond as a “dream-come-true” due to its proven compatibility with the most popular Virtual Machine OS such as VMWare ESX / ESXi and Ctrix. Same as the supports for Linux OS, users can now run PPBE Agent on Virtual Machine Host to easily communicate with UPS through USB connection.

With the launched of PPBE v2.1, now CyberPower is not just selling UPS, but a total power solution provider for our customers.

For more information about PPBE, please refer to the link at http://www.cpsww.eu/products/software/ppbe.htm
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