EULEX chooses CyberPower EPS Inverters as mission critical power backup systems to its Radio VoIP Terminals
CyberPower Systems, a leading global Power Management Systems equipment manufacturer and solutions provider, was selected a winner by the European Union’s Kosovo Mission (EULEX), to provide a resilient and reliable large scale Power Backup solution for the mission’s Radio VoIP terminals and other Telecom infra-structure!

Indeed our Emergency Power System 5000VAPRO model, a resilient large-scale power-backup workhorse, with a great track record across diverse environments in developing areas around the world, has once again been selected to backup critical telecom equipment in a low-infrastructure but mission critical environment where resilience, reliability, and long backup time counts!

“Together with the M SAN Grupa d.o.o.located in Zagreb, Croatia, (our distributor within the former-Yugoslavia region who introduced this opportunity to us having pledged their uncompromising support into it), we worked very hard to achieve this result that makes us all proud. Our EPS unit, (Inverter & UPS at the same time), has once again proven its great value when resilience, quality and flexibility come into play!” said Mr. Peter Gamsjaeger, CyberPower’s Operations Manager for East Europe.

CyberPower continues through hard work and careful strategies its international markets penetration and uplifting raking position, aspiring to become the preferred Power Management product and solutions provider all across the globe!

About CyberPower
Cyber Power Systems is a leading global equipment manufacturer & solutions provider. Its products & solutions are aimed towards professional Power Management Systems, covering the entire spectrum of the business. They include Power Backup & Protection Systems, Mobile Power Units, & relevant Accessories.
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The European Union Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo, EULEX Kosovo, is a planned deployment of European Union (EU) police and civilian resources to Kosovo. This rule of law mission is projected as a continuation of the international civil presence in Kosovo envisaged by the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1244. The mission includes 2,000 police and judicial personnel, and began a four-month deployment process on 16 February 2008.
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About the M SAN Grupa:
M SAN Grupa is one of the leading distributors of computer related hardware, software and consumer electronics in the Easter European region. Its services include first class logistics, distribution, H/W production, and technical support.
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