GFK Rating: Places CyberPower Systems as the strong #3 in the Russian UPS market place!
CyberPower Systems, a leading global Power Management Systems equipment manufacturer and solutions provider, continues to climb around the globe! In one more major and large market place, achieves despite all challenges and difficulties, a top-3 rating!

On September 2010, GFK, a world-leading market research company, awarded the third position within the Russian-Federation UPS market to CyberPower! On an annual count, from July 2009 to July 2010, CyberPower achieved the 3rd position across the nation, with a 12% market share in number of units sold, and an 8% market share on the total sales turnover from UPS systems in Russia!

“We worked very hard to achieve this great result that makes us all so very proud, despite local market difficulties and despite international market recession!” said Mr. Alexander Pereverzev, CyberPower’s Operations Manager for Russia.

CyberPower continues through hard work and careful strategies its international markets penetration and uplifting raking position, aspiring to become the preferred Power Management product and solutions provider all across the globe!

About CyberPower
Cyber Power Systems is a leading global equipment manufacturer & solutions provider. Its products & solutions are aimed towards professional Power Management Systems, covering the entire spectrum of the business. They include Power Backup & Protection Systems, Mobile Power Units, & relevant Accessories.
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About Gfk RT:
GfK Retail and Technology (GfK RT) is a sector of the GfK Group, one of the largest market research companies in the world. It is the global leader in sales reporting and market intelligence for Technical Consumer Goods markets, generating over €320 million with more than 3000 full time employees tracking markets in over 80 countries.
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