CyberPower’s EPS-Pro has been nominated @ Distree XXL 2010 for the 60-seconds Public Presentation Program
A good day the 1st of February 2010, as CyberPower’s EPS-Pro Inverter, has been
nominated by a special committee at Distree XXL 2010 EMEA exhibition event, for a public presentation known as the “60-seconds to Convince Program”, that will take place in Monte Carlo on the 9th of February 2010.

The nomination came after CyberPower’s participation to this process, through the
insertion of a short 1000 character description text for the attention of a special committee, designed to motivate readers towards nomination; and it succeeded doing so! “…Congratulations on being pre-qualified for the 60 seconds to Convince Award Program
under the Category Innovation…. ”, has been the message of Shuza Khan, Distree Events Business Development Manager!

As a result, CyberPower’s EMEA team member Mr. George Kakavos, will make a presentation on the EPS-Pro Inverter across a crowd of people from 65 countries. Focus will be placed on the actual usefulness of the EPS-Pro Inverter, presented in a rather dramatic way, as the original pre-nomination description text inspired! “…Imagine there is a short or extended power failure due to network overload, natural disaster, or due to any reason at all! No communications, computers, lights, refrigerators, TV & entertainment equipment, heaters, air conditioners, water pumps,
security systems, no motor of any type can work! Unless of course, you have a backup system that can instantly take over, providing regulated AC power to all your critical systems for a prolonged time period that can last for hours or even days! The CyberPower EPS can do just that …”, Mr. Kakavos explained to the Distree Events committee before receiving the nomination for the public presentation. “…A reliable performer with Industrial Class features that we are proud to recommend...” he concluded!

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