PC World and PC Magazine Greek Editions Contests for CyberPower’s DX 800 UPS
– “A tiny & lightweight workhorse that does not allow any Compromises in Quality & Performance” –
On their December 2009 issues, both PC World and PC Magazine Greek Editions run a knowledge contest offering as winning prizes CyberPower’s latest DX 800 mainstream UPS models.

The contest was quite successful and in fact was repeated by the PC World Greek edition on its January 2010 issue. Sponsoring Partners included PC-Word GR-edition, PC-Magazine GR-edition, TAN S.A. (Cyber Power’s distributor in Greece), and of course Cyber Power Systems Europe.

PC Magazine presented the DX 800 as “…a tiny and lightweight workhorse that does not allow any compromises in quality and performance…” while PC World presented the unit as “been developed on an all new High Frequency Inverter, sacrificing neither features nor power to achieve their ultra compact size...” Both publications made a strong reference on the unit’s GreenPower UPS™ technology that results in considerable electricity savings and less heat dissipation.

The action allowed for a successful and dynamic wide scale market introduction of the DX 800, and its concept, setting a new standard for mainstream UPS systems!

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