PC-Pro UK Reviews and Recommends the CyberPower PR2200VA LCD UPS
–“CyberPower offers a strong alternative to many of the established names in the UPS market”–
On its December 2009 issue, the popular PC-Pro UK professional computing web site published a review of CyberPower’s PR2200VA LCD UPS system. The review test was conducted in its own Labs by the use of an elaborate test/evaluation method. CyberPower’s unit scored high, and attracted an impressive set of comments by the reviewing author, Mr. Dave Mitchell. As Mr. Mitchell said, “Although relatively new to the UK UPS market, CyberPower has already impressed…”!

Besides the standard parameters tested, an additional focus has been the usage of the new ecology-oriented technology that results on energy saving schemes!

Naturally, CyberPower Systems, a proven leader in this type of technology implementation, raised a few eyebrows with its elaborate GreenPower UPS™ technology that results in approximately 70% electricity savings and 80% less heat dissipation, being 100% ready at all times!

Other considerations have been the overall functionality derived by the meticulous made hardware implementation, the complete LCD info center, the flexible configuration as a rack-mount or as a floor stand, and the elaborate business computing software management scheme bundled with the unit, making CyberPower’s PR2200VA LCD UPS scoring quite high, achieving a 5-Star Award and a System Recommendation!

“CyberPower offers a strong alternative to many of the established names in the UPS market”, the reviewing author concluded!

About CyberPower
Cyber Power Systems is a leading global equipment manufacturer & solutions provider. Its products & solutions are aimed towards professional Power Management Systems, covering the entire spectrum of the business. They include Power Backup & Protection Systems, Mobile Power Units, & relevant Accessories.
For more information please visit our European website at:http://eu.cyberpowersystems.com

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