UPS systems with Ecological Consciousness are a reality!

How would you like to own a general purpose UPS system whose cost would be paid-off quickly and simply by using it? A UPS that will not become an additional burden to our sensitive and already out of balance eco-system?  Today this “dream” is a reality, and it is delivered by CyberPower Systems!
It is the manufacturing company to have developed fully GreenPower UPS™ systems! They consume 75% Less Electricity and Generate 80% Less Heat during operation! Both factors uplift a certain load from our environment and at the same time reward the users who use them financially! Just by using them, the electricity savings will simply pay-off their initial purchasing cost. There is no premium to pay for these benefits!

Our consumer and business GreenPower UPS™ systems aim to protect from surge conditions and also maintain power to connected equipment during a power loss. They are Line Interactive technology based, utilizing state-of-the art features and technologies with 100% performance and readiness at anytime. They are versatile, (household usage for lights power backup, computers, microelectronics, etc., as well as for business usage), easy to use, save money while used, and they are fully Green! Users and Businesses will simply love them! They are the only GreenPower UPS™ systems in the world and the planet’s favorite! They certainly deserve your attention!


About CyberPower Systems, Inc.
Cyber Power Systems is a leading global equipment manufacturer & solutions provider. Its products & solutions are aimed towards professional Power Management Systems, covering the entire spectrum of the business. They include Power Backup & Protection Systems, Mobile Power Units, & relevant Accessories.
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