CyberPower announces USB 2.0 Mobile Battery Powered Hub at the first quarter of
year 2004
The latest USB Hub, incorporated with four rechargeable nickel-hydrogen batteries, is announced by CyberPower at the first quarter of year 2004. This new introduced Battery Powered USB Hub utilizes battery power (switching the Bus-powered mode to Self-powered mode) to provide sufficient power for USB Hub connected devices. Battery Powered USB Hub replaces the traditional/typical USB Hub. Consumers no longer need to carry the cumbersome USB Adapter while traveling; neither to worry about insufficient power because Battery Powered USB Hub is a worry-free piece for travel users. It is a truly all-in-One, convenient, easy-to-carry, and space saver USB Hub which becomes the best and favorite choice for business traveler and notebook users.

In recent years, USB interface has become a standard and widely used by computers, notebooks and peripherals. However, Due to space confinement, most computers or notebooks could only provide limited numbers of USB ports to users. USB Hub, therefore, has turned into a popular and extensively-use device for most home and business users.

Most existing USB hubs are in small and compact size; however, their bulky and heavy adapters lessen mobility significantly. For user's convenience, CyberPower R&D team specially designs and innovates the Battery Powered USB Hub to fulfill the needs of travelers users. From now on, you only need to carry this unique piece of Battery Powered USB Hub on the road with no hassle at all.

About CyberPower
CyberPower is a leading provider of professional power management solutions. We provide reliable computer battery backup systems, power management applications, and series of computer accessories for desktop, workstation, and network equipment. To serve the global market localized, we have set up several regional centers in Europe, North America, and Asia. Nowadays, CyberPower is a leading brand in North America Retail Market.

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