High-performance RackMount Power Protection with Perfect Pure Sine Wave Output ------- CyberPower PR3000/PR3000E
CyberPower PR3000/PR3000E is a high performance UPS for servers, networking equipment, telecommunication systems, and other mission-critical applications. It comes with 3000VA, 2200W and AVR technology which stabilize the AC input to prevent power interrupt caused by spike and sag. Sine-wave output provides assurance of compatibility with all types of loads. The placement of it can be in tower configuration or easily converting to the 19" rack-mount mode with packaged rack-mount kit. The cold-start function allows users to power on the unit without any input power. This provides temporary emergency battery power when the utility power is out. Lightning and Surge Protection is available for RJ11/RJ45 connection for you to protect telephone lines and network cables. Hot swap batteries ensures continuous operation of the load even when the batteries are being replaced. Audible alarms actively indicate "On Battery", "Low Battery" or "Over Load" so that you can take necessary actions in advance.

On the front panel, status indicator LED's provides operational status information of the UPS at a glance without use of a computer. Bar meters and status indicators are simple to use and easy to understand. The Load Level Indicator prevents you from exceeding the UPS capacity. Battery Level Indicator allows you to gauge how much time remains before the batteries are depleted. A Self-Test button allows you to do self test anytime to diagnose the functionality of your UPS.

The free packaged PowerPanel PlusTM software enhances the manageability and accessibility of PR3000/3000E. This software protects your server from unattended shutdown and provides advanced management functions such as schedule turn on/turn off, self-test, event log etc. Two RS232 interfaces on the real panel offers protection for two connected servers configured as master and slave respectively. Except local control, CyberPower also developed a remote control solution. With a built-in slot board or external adapter, you can implement network management function to PR3000/3000E. UPS can be connected directly to the network via web browser to allow real time monitoring and configuration worldwide. The protected servers installed with PowerPanel Shutdown Service software enjoy extra value-packaged features such as UPS status notification, safe shutdown operation and user programmable command file.

About CyberPower
CyberPower is a leading provider of professional power management solutions. We provide reliable computer battery backup systems, power management applications, and series of computer accessories for desktop, workstation, and network equipment. To serve the global market localized, we have set up several regional centers in Europe, North America, and Asia. Nowadays, CyberPower is a leading brand in North America Retail Market.

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